Discover Bo’s Journey

We are pleased to share with you the wonderful experience of Bo Paret’s Prime Dental Turkey clinic. You can get detailed information about both Bo’s views and expectations and our doctors’ approach to treatment.

Bo Paret



February 2023

  • E-Max Laminate Veneers

Our patient Bo Paret, who reached us via our website, visited our clinic in February 2023 and we performed the Emax-Laminate treatment.

Issues and expectations of our patient.

Our client had bonding restorations done in her mouth about 2 years ago. She was not satisfied with the discoloration and the loss of harmony of the veneers made with this filling material, as well as their tendency to break. she wanted a permanent solution to have more symmetrical and shiny teeth.

Opinions of our doctor about the treatment.

The composite veneers our patient had were asymmetric in form and size, and their harmony with the gum tissue was disrupted. The reason for this is the material used. The composite filling material is polished in some techniques in the mouth, so it discolors quickly over time.

Therefore, we decided to replace the composite veneers with emax veneers. We have come to the conclusion digital-designed Emax veneers would satify our client as they are much more durable and retain their shine and color for a longer period as they are also stronger.